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Renkforce RF1000
A big german electronics online retailer starts selling a 3D printer that they designed themselves, at the end of February.

[Image: rm6jtBa.jpg]

They plan to sell extensions for it, so it can be used with dremel tools as a mini cnc milling machine, also one for laser engraving.
It's all metal and looks pretty sturdy to me but I'm afraid, the 0.5mm nozzle would be too coarse since all other models come with 0.4mm or smaller.
The hotend and nozzle is pictured on page 19.. looks different than the other ones I've seen.
Also it comes with a special heatable ceramic build plate.
Price range is €1.5k for the kit and €2k for the assembled machine.
Looking into the manual on page 97 I can see that it's using an open source firmware and the Arduino IDE.
It prints with Cura/Repetierhost so I'm guessing one can tweak the parameters for a smaller nozzle?
What do you think, should I buy one or stick with my former choice (Makergear M2) ?
I had a makerbot r2 for a week and I'm experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms Tongue

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