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Unmet Delivery Times
So far on the MakiBox forums, the founder of Makible/MakiBox has stated he has over 1500 orders for the MakiBox since he ran the Kickstarter funding effort almost 2 years ago. He has listed the "lead time" as 6 - 10 weeks in his online store for many many months. As I write this, some of the kickstarter funders still have not received their promised units after nearly 2 years of waiting. Of the 1500 ordered units over nearly 2 years, he only claims to have shipped 213. On October 28, 2013, he published a production schedule on the MakiBox blog showing all units ordered before December would be in production by December 7. For many months, he has provided excuse after excuse about suppliers, the time required to prepare shipments etc.

The biggest thing he hasn't provided are the printers to all the customers as he promised. I placed an order the last day of August 2013. Based on his published "lead time" my printer should have shipped November 9 at the latest. By late November, I still hadn't received a shipping notice. I emailed Makible/MakiBox and was told it wouldn't be produced until perhaps early January. I requested a refund and received asking me to stick with it. I declined and received a PayPal payment from them, so PayPal deducted 1% as it wasn't submitted as a refund.

I have to recommend potential 3d printer buyers choose a different option.
1. The MakiBox has consistently misrepresented the lead time.
2. The MakiBox uses proprietary design parts for major components like the AntiBacklash Nut, extruder drive wheel, and hot end. These parts are only available directly from Makible.
3. MakiBox still bills itself as the "world's cheapest 3d printer" even though other manufacturers have come in with less expensive printers.

Absolutly 100 percent true, I haven't asked for a refund as of yet mainly because I really want a cheap priced printer, but I have come to the conclusion that if my time was money that I was loosing from not selling anything I could be making then really the printer isn't a cheaper option.

They have finally posted that they will get back to everyone on Monday, possibly my Tuesday, and this is what I see from them just saying this, as it seems just like another "wait and see" till Monday comes and go's, because what ever they could say on Monday could have been said today rather than telling everyone to wait till Monday, it's just another delay tactic as I see it, and yes they say they are in production.

I have said on the forums that they, that are the workers, possibly don't know what they are doing, as a video was posted well before Xmas that they tried to show were "new workers" getting to pack printers, they looked like some ones relatives that where waiting for a lunch delivery or looking at their watch or sitting on the floor like that is where they are supposed to be working, and they then put out another video saying that they have parters as a bissness to do all the end of production,, and all they look to have done is cleared some box's from view in the video, and that was supposed to make people believe what they are saying, and still no gain in production, I have said that they should not keep referring to themselves as a LAB and refer to them selves as a factory, so as to be in the right mind set as to get production up, but this is not clear to those blinded by their own ego on the makibox forum and they are not at all on the side of the customers grief of waiting without concrete times of delivery.

My main disagreements with their bullshit of lies, is that I post all I can to show them that I am not a happy customer, and that possibly all the things that people have said about them will get them to lift their game an get people their orders, My order was taken at the time that their new website went online,(receipt order number is over the 2000 mark) and I placed my order on that same night, which was the 4th of Sept, and this now will be my order into the 5th month, that's more than double the wait time I was quoted, as my time was quoted as between 4 to 8 weeks and not 6 to 10 weeks, as that is what is on my receipt that I downloaded at the time of purchase, if they wish to change what times they quote then they breach their agreement of the bill of sale of the receipt.

their main failure is that they have a lead time with no real track record to base it on and could be seen as a fiction to start with, and this is something that has become too clear to some and canceled orders have been posted, and most of those are the people who were in the kick starter as most have said they were waiting since they came out of kick starter (2012) and said they were making the printers ?

I cant afford to go with another printer,, but I think I might bit the bullet and live on noodles for a couple of months to afford a better option than Makibox's lies, I have looked at another called "Phoenix" by 2 brothers that call them selves EZ3D.

I'm unemployed and need to find a new place to live,, and have been waiting to make somethings to sell so as to get money to buy more of a production machine, and thought that the Makibox was a cheap buy for what my budget is, near to "non existent", I can say that I feel let down and I will possible wait another 2 months as by then will possibly have moved and saved more to get a better printer like what I have seen from EZ3D.

As a customer all I have is my own goodwill, and if I find that goodwill is abused that goodwill can evaporate, and at the moment as far as I am concerned Makibox is running on the empty side of the gauge.

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