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3D Hubs Launching in Munchen
3D Hubs, the world's largest network of 3D printers, is launching in München!

3D Hubs is an Amsterdam-based startup founded less than a year ago, but already featured on most major blogs and media such as Fast Company, Wired, Gizmodo, Forbes, The Next Web, and more.

At 3D Hubs we believe everyone should have easy access to 3D Printing. We do this by connecting people who want to 3D print to the people who own the 3D printers. Through 3D Hubs, anybody can turn their ideas into physical reality as we unlock the future of local manufacturing.

München recently got launched on the 3D Hubs platform and already has 14 different 3D Print locations (hubs) for local 3D Printing. To celebrate, we’ll be having a launching event at the XMAKE Munich the 1st of December. The XMAKE event will attract a large Maker crowd and Filemon Schöffer, Head of Community will be giving a presentation at the scene. For more information on the event, check our Meetup page:
After the XMAKE event we’ll organise a “3D Hubs after-party” where there is room to share about 3D Printing, personal contact, meet fellow makers, designers, tech enthusiasts, or anyone else happened to be interested in 3D printing, and -of course- drinks!

We have already launched in many cities across the world and have had significant successes in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, New York and even Sao Paulo! By using our platform anybody in these cities can now bring customized, locally produced goods to those around them. We strive to build local manufacturing communities in each country, igniting a new industrial revolution in the process.

Please visit the 3D Hubs website for more information.


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