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Makism 3D Announces Launch Details of Its 3D Printer Lineup for 2014
3D printer company Makism 3D released details of its upcoming lineup of exciting new 3D printers for 2014.

The Company has set out to bring 3D printing to the mass consumer marketplace through the introduction of its Wideboy, Wideboy Pro, and Wideboy Mega series of 3D printers. Featured benefits include large A4 format build areas, multiple extruders, a 3 year parts warranty, and pre calibrated right out-of-the-box functionality in an attractively designed package.

The flagship model Wideboy is a large A4 format dual extruder 3D printer optimized for the reliable utilization of common PLA and PVA support material. Wideboy is priced at US$1499.

The larger Wideboy Pro and Mega models offer the same high quality components but with advanced features such as temperature controlled enclosures, heated build platforms, and carbon filtration which enables users to safely and reliably employ a wider range of fabrication materials. All printers come with USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, dual extruders (the Mega offers up to four extruders as an option), high-precision 2 and 5 phase stepper motors, a user-friendly interface, and 3 year parts warranty.

According to the company, the first Wideboy will be available in February, and the Pro and Mega models are expected to respectively roll out in March and April.

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