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Beware of QU_BD
I will try to avoid extending too much ... but will be difficult. It is my personal experience, but it seems it is unfortunatelly very common to most QU-BD customers

The problem is not as much in the machines (that have some problems) but on the support you can expect from manufacturer, and the lies they use for selling.

I bought a QU-BD Revolution XL. In their website I found delivery time was 6-8 weeks, but they had a link to their official forums and many customers were claiming 6 or more months without news, so I wrote them.

Chelsea told me this was during the Kickstarter campaing that they had some troubles, but this was over and 6-8 weeks was real.

I told her I neded dual extruder and she told me that was not a problem. It was not shown in website, but I had to pay for the single and then pay an upgrade.

I paid both the printer, and the upgrade to dual extruder (160 extra USD) and 240USD for transport

Then problems started. After 6 weeks I asked about my machine status, but I was not receiving any answer. Only when I finally asked for cancelling and refund they told me my machine was finished, doing some tests and would be sent in 3 days. But it wasn't, it finally took 12 weeks before they shipped the machine by USPS.

I am in Spain. Shipping was slow, it had to pay customs (about 400USD in taxes and other expenses), but it finally arrived.

No "Fragile" or "This end up" stickers, and when opened the machine was a disaster.

[Image: Qubd_problem.png]

In the picture you can appreciate the machine arrived heavily damaged, but also shows that ... it is a single extruder machine. So it is not the machine I bought,

Additionally it came configured to 110v (and this could not be switched without removing PSU), so when plugged the power supply fuse blown.

Then I found many other customers have been cancelling orders and asking for refunds for many months. Most machines arrive more or less damaged because the poor packaging, and because machine are not too strong.

There are additional problems. For example the basalt heat bed is not fixed or leveled anyway, and doesn't match in place, and most of them arrive cracked (mine has 12cm crack)

[Image: inglorious.jpg]

People at told me if I was expecting a refund it could take months, and I better do something to make that machine work.

The only support from Qu-BD was "plug and unplug the USB cable" , as if this could solve all the problems mentioned above (in fact they marked the problem as resolved without even waiting for my answer)

Then I claimed for a refund, and only then I got an answer from Natham "We will send you a replacement machine".

Then I asked both in forums and through support ticket :

Quote:- When will you ship replacement machine?
- How will you ship it? (USPS?)
- Will it be dual X-truder? (if not I would like refund)
- I suppose I will need to pay income taxes again!
- What will happen with the machine I have? Will I need to pay a shipping back to the States or you will pick it?

This was 2 weeks ago, and didn't receive any answer.

So I claimed, of course. And Natham started censoring my post.

Well, not just my posts. They removed the link to the Official QU-BD support forum from their website because they don't want potential customers to see the claims

So I keep claiming, and only now they say if I ship the machine back to the States they will refund me. Why should I pay a return trip of a machine I didn't order?

Additionally they already took 2000 from me, I can see customers claiming for refunds for 5-6 months, and they have not provided any support at any moment. Why should I trust they will refund me? In fact they have so many request for refunds that it would not be strange they could not afford them, and they have not even sent me the refund for the dual extruder upgrade.

Will they refund me the 240USD of transport for a machine I didn't order?

The machine is announced to work uo to 500mm/s but it seems it is quite hard to print faster than 300 with certain quality. That's not bad, but is not the announced.

But certainly the machine construction abuses of Loctite instead of screws, and while some parts are good, and the concept in general is good too ... for the engineering they have not considered the inconveniences of selling at big scales, transport, etc. and the machine has some parts that need to be redesigned stronger.

The X-truder, that is sold as an advanced extruder seems to be giving many troubles to many user, and while some managed to do great prints replacing (or even developing) extruders, the information on the manufacturer website is not very reliable.

I want to make difference on the manufacturer support (that is really terrible) and the machine, that is not as good as expected, but once working is an interesting machine.

I've managed the machine come to live. Is not the machine I bought, and i would like a refund that probably I will never receive, and it seems they want to take also the money I paid for the upgrade to dual.

I didn't buy a kit, but an assembled (dual) machine, and there are cheaper machines in kit form. I had to work nearly as much as if was really a kit, but with the help of other users it seems to work (now I must learn how to improve it)

Don't want to save you from the printer, but be careful : If you want to buy a machine within an expected delivery time, and look for a plug&play machine with good support from manufacturer ... look somewhere else
Sorry to hear about the bad luck you have had. I hope its all good luck from here on.
She looks pretty fast now. Keep us all up dated as to what happens.
Sure I will.

Honestly speaking, even if the machine arrives in good conditions you will need still to solve some minor problems that require some skills (not so much, I have no big skills). But once it is well calibrated, on a table you don't have to move ... it seems to me that could be a good printer.

Despite I just could make a couple of hours of printing, I could do some interesting things pretty fast.

As the power supply came configured to 110v instead 220v, the fuse was gone. I bypassed it to make the machine print, but now I am waiting for a new power supply i bought (from Aliexpress).

They keep without giving me any support or answer about refund/machine replacement Obviously I would prefer a full refund (including transport fee) and have no further news from them. Even in such case I would loose the customs I paid, not to mention all delays and time dedications .... but really want to forget QU-BD
Don't know why, when still there are so much people still claiming from previous Kickstarter campaigns from QU_BD and they cannot deal with the customers problems they launch new products on Kickstarter like One Up and Two Up

I keep without a solution and had to fill a complaint to Arkansas General Consumer Attorney
Time keeps passing, no answer to my mails, no answer to my tickets, no answer to my posts and they keep having my money

It seems in the forums there are defenders that I must accept a damaged machine I didn't order, repairing and not claiming for my rights and I will be the lucky owner of a single extruder machine that came heavily damaged, or I must pay an extra cost of shipping back the machine in the hope they will refund me some day. Of course probably those defenders they live in USA, they didn't pay any customs, the internal USA shipping is cheap, and they don't have to pay comissions on international checks, so maybe is just something like "ok, I would return the machine with 30USD shipping cost, and I would get my 1300 USD back, just a minor loss"

Of course, not counting the many customers that have been waiting for the refunds for months.

For those who want to understand -otherwise they can keep ignoring- I paid 240 USD for international shipping, and I am asking to pay again an international shipping, plus I paid customs dispatch, income taxes and VAT taxes ( additional 320 Euro), and I paid 159 USD for the option of dual extruder. Not something I would get in the future that was in development, but I would be shipped a dual extruder in an accurate delivery time of 6-8 weeks.

I am asking for a full refund and then they can pick the machine. They lied me, that is out of question, and shipped me a machine I never bought without asking if I would accept it. They can (should not) ignore my right to receive the product I ordered (assembled and ready to print) or refund, and they can (should not) ignore my right to receive technical support for a product is under warranty, and it seems there still will be defenders that consider I should be very happy user.

I am not asking to have anything for free, I just ask them to be honest. And with their current attitude with customers, support, answers, refunds, etc. I cannot expect they are honest in any way, so that's why I won't send the machine back to loose more money in the hope one day they pay the ammount they want to pay.

So, I can deliver the machine to someone we both trust if they think I will keep the money (but until now they are the only thiefs, and I am the one who has paid), if they pay the transport and confirm they will refund me the 1698 USD I paid. or they can refund me the 1698USD and pick the machine, of course.

And in case anyone has doubts,with the 1698USD i would loose money, the customs dispatch and income taxes (fortunatelly the VAT taxes I will recover in January) I paid, but also I had to buy a power supply because the missconfigured the one they sent and are not sending replacement, and is hard to valuate nthe time lost in shipping delay, the time invested in making this machine work, the time I am spending in getting a refund, and the time i cannot buy a machine from a serious manufacturer because they are not refunding, so the time I cannot print what i want to print and how this affects to my business.

But in any case, I don't know why should someone understand that they are not refunding me inmediatly the 159 USD of the dual extruder they didn't ship. Is not that I would be happy with this, but this clearly shows how QU-BD acts
Sorry to hear.
Hey, I have a question for you. Is that the printer they had on kickstarter? Or is it a completly different design? I seem to recall they got funding for a machine that used a system much like mine but nothing like yours.
The used ally extrusion for the frame on the original I thought? They also had servo motors for x & y mounted to parts that did not move (the frame) and not like your one where one axis motor is mounted on another axis's rod end mount.
They have several project in Kickstarter, the mBE extruder and the One Up and Two Up printers, but the Revolution XL I guess was not in Kickstarter. Don't know, I really bought from their website not through any crowfunding

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