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I am brand new to 3D Printing services. I was doing a little research, and came across the website "". From all the reviews I have read, their prices are reasonable and the printing quality is quite good.

Has anyone used Shapeways, personally? Would you recommend it to others?
Hi Jessi,

We are a new Orlando based 3D printing company, and have used Shapeways plenty of times in the past. From our experience, they do a great job of getting your orders to you in a timely manner, however because they deal with so many transactions, you may notice a variance in your prints (if you order multiple prints). Also, it takes a few tries to match their measurement system (for whatever reason, their prints do not scale correctly with software like Maya or Meshlab).

Depending on what you are looking to do, we recommend Shapeways. If you'd like faster turnaround, and a guaranteed lower price than your Shapeways quote, check us out here: nuproto dot com
I also saw the Shapeways website. I think I would only go with a company such as this, if I needed a bulk order. Otherwise, I prefer to do my own work - the job becomes more personal to me.
How was the experience of using shapeways ? Is it really good ? What do your prefer shapeways or any other ?


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