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Wax Printer Tool History and The Furture
Printing thick characters on paper with a wax ink led to the connection that investment casting could be improved with CAD designed models made of jetted wax. Jewelers have carved wax models for centuries and used sand molds to make metal objects. Milling machines carved wax first before the jetted wax made it's first appearance on the jewelry scene. Sanders Prototype, Inc of Wilton, NH made the first jewelry making printer using inkjetted wax. Sanders Prototype licensed a patent to allow the printers to be made since the printed wax needed 2 parts:The actual model and the support structure where suspended parts needed under layers before the model could be built. This patent is now expired and is not mentioned too much any more. The patent is the big part of this story since it appeared magically out of the inkjet field. Inkjet will be significant in this new additive manufacturing technology because it allows many things to be ejected from a nozzle including biological cell components.
My question to the forum readers is this: Does the history of the additive manufacturing tools mean anything anymore or will the progress in the field be the only thing people will want to remember in the future?
Will new tools be invented or will the old ones be the basis for all printers made in the next 50 years?
What do you think?
I want to start a new company that only makes dod Inkjets for all applications and am looking to see what people think of the current tools for 3D printers. There are inkjets, lasers, paper laminates and extruder nozzles for melted plastics. Is it speed, model quality or materials that make a person chose a printer. What is the purpose of these models? For show, casting or sale? Today buyers are using printers for workable models and they are willing to pay big money for them. Soon the printers will be available to make models for everyday use and will want to pay little for them. The customers will demand speed, quality and material properties that will be useful. The new printers of the future will have to cost less and make good quality objects or the excitement of this new technology boom will fizzle out. What do you think?
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