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Elecfreaks 3D Printer-Preview
Thanks to the attention and support from everyone in the open source hardware community, and we are now honoured to declare that based on makerbot, our Elecfreaks 3D printer has achieved significant breakthrough, and you can see the initial prototype as below.

This 3D printer prototype is the best demonstration that we really attributed large amount of energy and effort to its research, although now it is not perfect and need to be further improved in many aspects, especially the precision of the product, but in order to print more artistic and precise products, our researchers overcome one after another difficulties without a stop because the whole staff in Elecfreaks understand the importance of 3D printer.

[Image: IMG_33571-5003331.jpg]

Through several months busy and stressful research and development, especially recently our researchers spared no efforts in debugging and testing, finally the elecfreaks 3D printer has been available to print something interesting. We all cheer for it.

3D printer represents a totally new life style, in the future, maybe we can copy whatever we want with 3D printer. Need something to use, print it. Need something to eat, print it. Need something to wear, print it, therefore, We strive for excellence, aiming to present a super practical 3D printer in a affordable price for ordinary people.

[Image: IMG_3386-5501.jpg]

About one or two months later, our finished product and main pieces, or accessories all will be available in store, in a competitive price. Dear 3D printer hobbyists, please keep your eyes on us, and at the same time, we would like someone to give this Elecfreaks 3D printer an impressive name. Any proposal is welcome, and please feel free to leave a message or contact us through if you have any advice or idea, to which we express sincere gratitude for your participation.
That sir, is a beautiful printer. Looks like it would work well too. What country are you based in Danny? Where can people buy these?
How is it going now?
More pics would be great.
so cute, i am really interest it, maybe we can do business, and already send mail, wait for reply

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