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What it REALLY takes to turn an idea into reality
Many people think they'll strike it rich if they can just come up with the right idea. The truth is that there's no shortage of great ideas in the world. But very few people will do what it takes to turn that idea into reality.

Entrepreneur Alon Tamir reveals that it takes inspiration, money, hard work – and an appetite for risk – to transform a lightbulb moment into a viable business.

He currently makes iPad and iPhone accessories under the Wallee brand; drum sticks and guitar picks for the iPad called Pix & Stix; and is about to launch a child-friendly iPad case called Clumsy.

Testing his idea

The next step was to make a prototype. "It was ready to be rapid prototyped – where you send off your drawings to get the product 3D-printed or carved from a big block of plastic," he says. "I Googled to find a company in China that could do it. I sent it to them and, seven days later, FedEx knocked on the door."

It was an exercise that cost Tamir $2500 for the one prototype. "When I opened the package, I sat there in awe. I was almost too scared to use it. I looked at it, smelt it, felt it, held it up to the light. It was a big moment because I couldn't believe that two months before this was only an idea."

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