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can you just make a log in and sign up for the page? i hate always having to do that math problem, and now the count the letters because apparently the letters is broken.

on that note
can someone go here

and reply with this
ok, if this is an automated thing, i don't care, let them patent the automation. years ago, creative had a patent on 3d shadows in real time or something like that, and id tech 4 used it, but didn't get the patent... so what did they do? google Carmack's Reverse. and just a note for everyone going on about patents, there are literally something along the lines of 10 million or so patents in the us alone. all the patent office does is check to make sure that everything is in order and that you are able to patent what you present and they give you the patent and that is only step one. once someone challenges your patent is when you patent either becomes valid or is no longer a valid patent.

under this name

because apparently i cant post anything because the letters portion of the test is broken for me.

and on that note... can you allow simpler passwords? i had to go through the process of getting a new password because i had to have a capital letter in it and didn't remember i needed, if i chose to have a crappy password, than thats my business and ban me if the account gets hacked.

sorry if i come off as an ass but it was one annoying thing after another today.

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