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New CTC with issues
My new printer arrived today. I'm less than thrilled with the seller. Apparently they took out one of the spools of filament. Dosen't the CTC normally ship with two?

Also one of the extrudes had purple plastic all over it like it had been used. The extruders are also at different heights.

Does this sound like a return that someone sold to me as new? Or, is this just what I get for buying a cheap printer? I am trying to decide if I should try to return it and look for a different, hopefully more reputable, seller.

One nice thing is that it shipped from California so if I need to return it I won't have to pay shipping to China.

I have a feeling they did ship with 2 reels at one stage. Most of them now supply one now. Make sure they didn't offer 2 in the ad.
In Australia, the CTC ships with one reel of filament. I just checked.
I think they do test them before shipping., i assume the one with purple in it is the lower one?
As for the extruders being different heights, I think they will just say it may need some adjustment. I know it's no excuse for poor assembly, but I think that's pretty normal.
Thanks! I'm glad I didn't get all upset, and send a nasty gram to the seller.

The reason I though that they took the filament out was that there was an empty box for the second spool included as packing.

My main worry was that I was getting someones reject, that might have other less noticeable problems. I guess I'll get back to getting it running.

Thanks again.
A second box is bound to make you think like that imo. What program are going to use to run it? I have heard Cura is a good program.
(03-19-2014, 11:51 PM)art3d Wrote: A second box is bound to make you think like that imo. What program are going to use to run it? I have heard Cura is a good program.
Sorry it took so long to respond. I had the flu, then went on vacation. I'm just getting back to this.

I tried Replicator G, just because it was in the Flashforge instructions. It worked fine for the first print. The head off a snap together Dalek I got from Thingiverse. I just got back from Emerald City Comic Con. Doctor Who was big this year. In any case, after adjusting the bed for height and level, the Dalek head printed in ABS just fine.

Next I tried the Dalek base. It is around 3 x 4 inches at the base. I got it started and walked away for awhile. When I came back one side of the base had curled up about an eighth of an inch off the build plate. It was still printing fine but the bottom would have been curved. I had put a fan in the window to vent the fumes. The room was a bit cold. I'm wondering if that might have caused it. Time to search the forums.


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