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Free CamScanner app for scanning documents on your iPhone
Most of iOS apps for scanning are not free, I have found one which is free: CamScanner.

With CamScanner you can scan, merge, delete and share your documents. You can also upload them to cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Docs (Drive), Evernote, and

The only drawback is your document get a small watermark in the lower-corner. But if you don't mind that then CamScanner is pretty handy.

You can also upgrade to professional version for $4.99.

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An app for scanning that is FREE?! That is almost unheard of this day in age. However, I see that you have mentioned there is an upgrade that can be purchased. I wonder how much you can really do with this "free" app. Many "free" apps are completely useless, unless you decide to upgrade to use most of the features.
These iphone scanning apps. What's the quality like? What success have you had using them?
Yes, almost same.

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