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Best and affordable
What is the most affordable ( Besides Kinect) & best scanner for scanning large objects with the greatest details?
Hi! You should test 123D Catch from Autodesk to scan large objects. It is free and you only need a camera to capture images of your object. To get more details, I would recommend David Laserscanner. However, David is limited by the size of your calibration panel and the power of the strucutred-light beamer.
I'm about to buy a NextEngine 3D scanner. I've tried Autodesk 123D Catch a few times and at best, the surfaces come out very rough. My objective is to scan model cars and plot them out at different scales. The hoods need to be mirror smooth. 123D Catch results in the hood being very bumpy. If use 123D Catch, I'd end up smoothing and sharpening every square inch of the car body with Meshmixer of Blender or somthing like that. From what I've seen of the YouTube videos and sales videos, using the lasers of the NextEngine 3D scanner make smooth surfaces come out perfectly smooth. 123D Catch may work well enough for statues and brick buildings, where the surfaces aren't mirror smooth to begin with.
Hey Guys well i think that the Cannon Cano Scan 9000F flatbed scanner is one of the best multi-purpose scanners for the reason of its various options.It does a excellent job of scanning solid content like picture printing and documents.Thanks!!
Hi, would like to mention that in this society people search out for money saving tips and this best and affordable concept is the concept that is going to be prior for many individuals.
Large object and great details.... how large is large, a shoe, room, entire house and what is the smallest feature you require to scan??

The problem with Kinect etc is the resolution isn't great.... moving up from that for a more industrial product i would look at the Artec3D Scanners.
You can also link the Artec with Photogrammetry (If the object is static) to get great accuracy. The cost will increase with this, or look at getting something scanned by people who offer a scanning service... like myself.

All really depends on what the object is you are trying to scan and to what accuracy and resolution. I can scan anything from a wedding ring to a building so can probably help you out.
What if the main purpose is to scan people, what you guys think the best for the money, I'd like to scan my kids as they grow.

(01-29-2014, 02:21 AM)bonbon Wrote: What if the main purpose is to scan people, what you guys think the best for the money, I'd like to scan my kids as they grow.


You can use a Kinect/Primesense Camera with the Artec Studio software which is a good package. Or for better detail again the Artec Eva scanner gives great results. Providing you children can stand/sit still of course.
We are using the Sense scanner from 3D Systems and a Kinect with Skanect software. We are finding that the Kinect with the Skanect software give us better results although we are just getting used to using both of these scanners. If you are going to try these, start your scan in th emiddle of the object and work down, then up to the head.

Best of luck.
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