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Is there a way to print only specific layers?
Having a bit of trouble with figuring out my attempted tweak. I know it's not possible to "crop" a 3D model in the traditional sense, so what I'm trying to do is simply print only the layers I want. In my brain anyway, it should be fairly simple. Here's the model:

I basically just want to print the top section. I mocked it up in my software, and it would come out to around 650 layers using my settings. Is there a tweak in the gcode or elsewhere to where I could print, for example, layers 450-650 to save all that other space?
One newbie to another: I just went to a 3D meetup, at Chimera Arts given by the guy that created this. If you want to create your own model, he has complete instructions for making "Collectible mountains" in a blog. The landscape data is freely downloadable.

One warning, the workflow starts from the bottom of the page and goes up.

He prints these with the extra material at the bottom to show the height of the mountain in relation to sea level. I believe this is done in Accutrans3d, as the final step. You could make the base any thickness you like.
You can use netfabb basic (free) to load up the STL and cut off the parts you don't want.
Cropping 3d models is actually quite easy using Blender. But in case you don't want to start in on that learning curve (it does seem like climbing a mountain at first) I put up a cropped version for you at enjoy.
Hi roykirk,
I liked your model,
1- You can crop the model by using an STL file editor.
2- You can transform the stl. To cad file and modify it traditionally.
3- If you are using an FDM type machine,just bush the model down the Z axis and redo the gcode process (don’t forget to save it in a new name to prevent you from losing the main file

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