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Book "Practical 3D" - 3D Scanning for everybody
Dear community,

some of you may have already noticed it: There´s a new book about 3D scanning for beginners. "Practical 3D" is available in every bookstore, on Amazon, or you just send me your order at

I think most of you know the DAVID scanner, so instead of writing a promotional text myself, let me quote what DAVID Mastermind Sven wrote about Practical 3D:

Book "Practical 3D"

There is a book about DAVID! Well, not just about DAVID, more about 3D scanning in general, presenting several scanning techniques. But DAVID has its own chapter in it.

The author, German journalist Florian Vierling, has previously written practical textbooks. Now he jumped into 3D scanning and wrote an exhaustive overview over 3D scanning techniques. The book is written in English and German (side by side), and it has lots of great pictures showing scanner hardware, setups, and results. At some points it goes into technical details, but it's well explained and always easy to understand.
The book names lots of 3d scanning applications, and gives a good overview about the various technologies that can acquire 3D data - mechanic and optic, active and passive. It shows in detail how DAVID works (laser scanning, as well as Structured Light scanning), and it explains in detail Kinect and similar sensors, and also presents smartphone scanners. Everything is illustrated with colorful pictures. Furthermore, some practical hints are given, concerning choice of scanner hardware and setup, etc. The last chapter gives a short summary and an outlook toward new 3D technologies coming up...

We can recommend this book to everyone who wants to get an exhaustive overview of 3D scanning technologies and/or understand more about how 3D capturing works in detail - about DAVID or other scanners.

"Practical 3D" is available at Amazon.

Best regards,

Is there version of book available to purchase in usa?
(12-13-2013, 10:41 PM)darkmoon3d Wrote: Is there version of book available to purchase in usa?

Hi, also ships to the us. alternativly, you can ask your local david reseller ( but i´m not sure id they can help. plus, i could send you a copy, too.

hope this helps.

best regards,

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