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3D Printing Companies in Seattle
Hello Dylan,

I'm not sure if you found anything yet but I would be interested to know either way.

I was able to find resellers of the stratasys machines by going to

When you enter an address they will provide the closest reseller. You could also go to stratasys's webpage, as they have a career section.

Best of Luck,


(04-26-2013, 12:48 AM)Dylanm Wrote: Hi everyone,

I am new member to these forums and a recent graduate in manufacturing engineering. I love 3D printing and am actively searching for a career in it. However am having trouble finding 3D printing companies in my home town of Seattle, WA. The only company that i have found is Panda Robotics and they seem to be mainly based out of Toronto. I was wondering if anyone here had some bright ideas for where to look or know of a few companies in my area. Also any advice for a recent graduate going into this field would be much appreciated.

Thanks for your help,

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