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Will 3D eliminate need for semi trucks?
... the transportation of customer goods (or 'virtual storaging' of goods on the roads) could reduce drastically then ... but every 3D-printer needs raw materials like filament spools, granules, powders or fluids -- and this has to be delivered in an even finer grid than now (with prefabbed goods in shops/markets as centralized sources).

But this can change too, when the printers/fabbers start to work with 'localized' raw materials like sand/soil (=>glass/ceramics), plants (=>'green' plastic) or more complex tweaks like reducing CO2 for carbon ... or chemically separate/purify droppings for all sorts of raw materials ;-P


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RE: Will 3D eliminate need for semi trucks? - by VDX - 03-14-2013, 09:39 AM

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