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A flurry of new 3D Printing titles on Amazon
(02-24-2013, 05:26 AM)chrisww Wrote: Once I have recouped some of my own expenses, I would like to read the other new releases, but most of them are quite a bit more expensive than my own, so I would like to get some other members opinions on which ones are worth buying first.
Definitely NOT this one: (comes up as an Amazon suggestion under your book) which is twice the cost and pretty much only contains links to Web sites (a whopping 68 pages of them). I would say this is typical of Amazon's ebooks lately. There are authors selling ebooks there that have managed to publish 10,000+ titles they've supposedly written. Eat that, J.K. Rowling!

Anyway, we need to be extra super very careful with ordering any electronic book on a hot recent (I mean, recent general media coverage after Mr. President mentioned it in the SoTU Address this year) topic such as 3D printing from Amazon!

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