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Making rubber molds for 3D printers
Hello I'm new to the 3D printer game and looking to get into 3D printers. My application is that I will be primarily using this as a prototyping system to test my digital models and to make plastic prototype miniatures. That can be done by virtually any 3D printer. However, I also want to use the 3D printer to possibly make rubber molds.

So here is the first question: is it possible to use a 3D printer make rubber molds (preferably ones that don't need to be vulcanized) which can have plastic poured into them for mass production? The molds should be reusable or else there is no point making them with the 3D printer.

Second is there a cheap printer that prints 3D models fast (looking at the $1000 ~ $1500 range max) and is somewhat reliable? I'm making miniatures (for argument's sake) the size and scale of Warhammer, Flames of War, or Warmachine miniatures. Basically most tabletop wargaming sized models. So the other alternative is to buy like 10 to 20 printers, line them up, connect them to the wifi - or to a switch - on the network, and just print on mass as my mass production method.

Thanks in advance. I know this is a 2 part question, and I don't if this is the appropriate forum category to put this question in.

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Making rubber molds for 3D printers - by rosstheboss - 03-11-2014, 06:29 PM

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