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Mbot Grid II Plus Dual Extruder Professional 3D Printer - josephfrancis - 01-22-2015

[Image: grid-plus.jpg]


Metal Chasis:

In order to increase its robustness and durability, while reducing shipping risk, metal parts are added on MBot GridII +.

New Software:

Better compatibility, better print quality. User experience is friendlier.

Sophisticated Resolution:

Competent to build high-resolution models. An additional cooling fan is installed to improve extrusion stability. With a more efficient cooling system, motor keeps cool even after long-time working.

Print Head:

MBot GridII+ introduces a print cooling system based on aeromechanics, so that PLA is cooled immediately when extruding from the nozzle. Dual-head GridII+ is the only 3D printer available on market that is equipped with two dual-fan extruders, to provide the best print performance.

Auto Leveling:

With unique three-induction build platform leveling system, GridII+ is precisely leveled by mechanical induction instead of hands. Since there are rules to follow, leveling becomes simpler and smarter. A good beginning makes a perfect print.

Schematic of MBot Grid II+ Upgraded Components:

150W12V (FSP150-50LG).
12V heater.
12V cooling fan.
Aluminum X-axis parts.
Build platform holder is made of aluminum sheets and aluminum sheet metal.
Brown build bed.
Build plate is made of borosilicate glass.
Star nuts for leveling.
Thermistortemperature-measuring wire
PLA fan control for dual heads.
Feeding system designed for flexiblefilament.
Igusself-lubricating bushings.

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