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Full Version: Need very simple 3D
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I'm mapping network nodes for an office building where various floors connect in unexpected ways. I need a simple way to map this layout in 3D. I don't need shading, don't need animation, don't need raytracing.

All I want to do is put my nodes into the program, be able to move them in all 3 dimensions, and rotate my view in all 3 dimensions.

My nodes are a name, followed by what they connect to. So x (y z) says node x connects to nodes y and z. Also, y and z connect to x. This would be an example of my network:

a (b c d e)
b (a c d e)
c (a b d e)
d (a b c)
e (a b c)

I've tried all the 2d tools I can find (dia, others I don't remember) and am currently using LibreOffice draw. It's good for 2d but useless for 3d.

I've got about 100 nodes on 3 levels to deal with.