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Full Version: 3D Printers, bio-printers and physibles Presentation
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Hi there,

I have recently made a presentation about 3D printers, which I have slightly modified and put over the web on Slideshare.

These slides aim to present an overview of the existing and emerging technologies in 3D printing and bio-printing. This is a very broad field, and highly technical, thus this presentation has no pretension in covering every bits of informations, but rather present a big picture to answer the question: why does it matter?

You can watch the presentation online here:

And download it (with videos embedded) here:

The presentation is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0
I enjoyed your presentation about 3D printers.

Can you respond to my post about the best way to create a many-layered composite polymer layer/metal layer part?

Roger Faulkner


i saw your presentation , i am new in this foeld but i can judge your effort and reaaly you did a great job , keep sharing and keep going