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Full Version: Using LayWood and Soft PLA from Orbi-Tech
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Hey guys!

I just wanted to share some settings i used on my Replicator 2 when using two cool materials called Laywood-d3 and PLA soft, both from orbi-tech manufacturor.

The LayWood is actually wood and plastic mixed. It's really cool and give you a good feeling. It even smells like wood and you can use wooden glue to attach pieces.

I've created a profile that disables the Replicator 2 extra fan and changed some settings with speed and "roof" closings. The profile can be downloaded from here: LayWood - MakerWare profile

I've also tried the PLA-soft material which is a PLA-plastic with extra flexibality. It's not like supersoft rubber, but great for dampening applications or semi-flexible plastics. The profile is also designed to work best with MakerBot Replicator 2 and lets you have fine prints and good bonding between layers. It can be found here: PLA Soft - MakerWare Profile

Videos for both materials can be found here. Please subscribe for more videos on materials and 3D-prints coming soon Smile.


It's a great material, thats for sure.
Anyone try t-glasse in purlpe yet?


(12-30-2013, 08:56 AM)art3d Wrote: [ -> ]It's a great material, thats for sure.
Anyone try t-glasse in purlpe yet?

Unfortunately only the regular T-Glase in neutral. It's kinda cool Smile And you can dye it after your needs.