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Full Version: 3D Systems Expands its HealthCare Solutions With Bespoke Orthotics
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3D Systems announced that it has developed the next generation of custom 3D printed hand brace devices, representing a new paradigm and advancement in the state of the art in musculoskeletal medicine. 3D Systems plans to launch these breakthrough devices to provide a superior patient experience during the second half of 2013.

3D Systems deployed its recently acquired Bespoke Innovations™ integrated scan-to-print proprietary technology and extensive know-how to replace traditional labor-intensive, cumbersome hand brace devices with custom-fitted, 3D printed braces that are streamlined, adaptive and personalized to the lifestyle and condition of the patient. Musculoskeletal medicine accounts for approximately 30% of all acute orthopedic care including sports, industrial or job related injury and chronic conditions.

[Image: 3d-systems-health-care-solution-1.jpg]

[Image: 3d-systems-health-care-solution-2.jpg]

Source: Nasdaq