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Full Version: 3D Printer, Scanner, and Modeling Software on Kickstarter
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Hey everyone,

I work at Radiant Fabrication and we just launched our 3D printer & scanner, the Lionhead, that connects directly to our 3D modeling software, Li.



The Lionhead Bunny, our beta machine, features 4 parallel printing printheads, shipping in October, and the production version has 8 printheads, shipping in February.

Li is a voxel based modeling software that has a similar interface to Minecraft, but has tools to allow you to create large objects/structures quickly.

We're looking for feedback, what does everyone think?



The best advice I can give is DO NOT buy a printer with out a heatbed if you live in a climate that gets cold.
My thinking is, that the world does not need any further FDM type 3D printers (FDM = Fused Deposition Modelling), as they are just not precise enough.

You should go for SLA or DLP type processes...

Not quite 3D Printing but somewhat similar: http://www.looxis.de
3D created from Scratch: WeMakeYour3D.com