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Full Version: "Eatable ink" - meeting with a manufacturer
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I am meeting with a company in two days to talk about a 3D pen that writes using eatable ink. The device works much the same way that any 3D pens *except this one is child safe*. I would like them to manufacture the device and the ink, and I would receive a royalty.

The Pen design isn't patent-able, and the ink's formula isn't all that difficult to come up with, I am not sure it would be patent-able either.

So I will meet the company, I already have a Non-disclosure agreement, but what stops them from stealing my idea? My plan was to present them with everything, from ideas, 2d and 3d artwork, photos videos, and formulas.

Should I not give them my formulas? Should I mention NOTHING about how I came up with the formulas? Anything else I should add. Should I record our meeting secretly?

Thanks for any tips, I have no idea about this. Also I cannot discuss anything about my ink yet,

Attached are some 2d artwork
can anyone recommend a printer for cost usability and maintenance