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Full Version: Printer Recommendation
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I'm a total noob getting ready to buy my first 3D printer. I've been digging through endless amounts of information to distill down the choices, but having no practical experience it is hard to know what's important and what's not.

I'm looking forward to printing and tweaking airplanes, helis, etc with my 4 kids. It seems like the durability of ABS is the way to go, but very large, thin, and flat things like wings appear especially difficult to print without warping. I'm a PC tech by training, so a little tinkering doesn't scare me, but saving time is important - pre-assembled is a plus.

So far the Lulzbot Taz is my front runner, but I wonder how it compares to other printers? Others on my list are the Ultimaker, Type A Series 1, or Makergear M2.
Where I work we mostly use 2 x up! mini's for testing all our prints, and an Ultimaker for larger pieces too big for the 12cmx12cm bed of the up mini Smile

Where abouts are you based? There are some cities now that have 3D print shops where you could go see the machines, for example iMakr Store in London.