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Full Version: All-In-One 3D Copy machine
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We are the startup AIO Robotics and developed a new 3D Copy machine. We would like to create a 3D printer with an integrated 3D scanner. The idea is to have an all-in-one 3D printer that is capable of 3D scanning, 3D printing, 3D copying, and 3D faxing. The machine has a 7-inch color
touchscreen with an on-board computer (ARM based) so the printer can totally work by itself without connection to a desktop computer.
The on-board computer also handles 3D scanning data (HD camera pictures from a swiping laser) and uploads the data to the cloud for final 3D reconstruction.

All linear components are made by CNC-machined aluminum (xyz-carrier, turntable) to ensure super rigid structure without any deforming and
heat soaking. In addition, we also created an auto-bed leveling feature by integrating a Z-probe mechanism onto the extruder. This way, users don't need to calibrate the bed height at all. We will include a full API-package for developers to fully control all sensor and motors.

We developed a working prototype (www.aiorobotics.com) and would like to hear any suggestions or feedback before launching.


[Image: ZEUS_small.jpg]
[Image: ZEUS_inside_small.jpg]
Very nicely done.

The questions I find myself asking when I look at these printers are,
- How many colors can it do? (with many projects I find I need at least 3)
- What materials can you use?
- What are the precision specs? (tighter finer specs means less finishing work)
- How much will it cost?
Looking forward to hearing more about it.
This looks awesome but at the same time it sounds expensive.


our first version will only be equipped with one extruder (1 color at a time), however, we are working on an upgrade option for multiple extruders. The machine is optimized to print with PLA material. (Based on demand we might extend to ABS). The resolution specs are 100 ┬Ám for printing.
We will release the price at our Kickstarter launch date (Sept. 4th), but it will be significantly cheaper than Makerbot Printer + Digitizer.