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Where do I start?
I happen to stumble onto this site whille researching the fabricate me project using the Kinect. After searching through the various resources avilable on 3ders my mind began exploed with creative ideas and projects. So my question is I originally wanted to go with the makerbot Replicator 1 until I discovered they now have a replicator 2 out. What I can't decide on is what kind of a scanner do i use for say scanning people/cars/animals/...etc. I don't mind the Kinect but I want something that will give me a better quality scan then the Kinect can.

So my real question is in everyone's experiance what products should I go with that will give me the best bang for buck? I am looking to invest $6,000 to start and looking for real solid products.

thanks in advance.
(01-17-2013, 02:32 PM)rudalf Wrote: Your budget is good and you can easily get the product in this.

I knew that what i really need is feed back in regards to scanners that will allow me to capture not only smaller items but large ones easily and that require little to no rigging.

I saw a video on you tube for a scanner used in jay leno's garage and the had it mounted to a pole....etc.
well, the kinect for one, i think its called the leap for two, those are the cheapest you will get
the next one would be at about 500$ and it was kickstarter for about the size of a coffee mug
bigger than that, you are looking at pro grade products from my memory, and those have a heafty price tag...
they capture dots, and i dont believe they are used for rigging...

if you want rigging with little work, kinect is the way to go.
I'm basically in the same position, been doing a ton of research lately, the best resource I've found besides blogs is which seems to be about as comprehensive as it gets.

I think after all the searching i'm going to end up going with a rep rap machine and build it myself, it'll be cheaper and it'll leave room for tinkering.

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