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Best Control System/Unit
Hey 3D printers!

I am thinking about building a 3D printer but am baffled about the different computer control units.

Ive seen such ones as:
~ Arduino [I am familiar with the Arduino Uno]
~ Raspberri Pi
~ A dedicated computer
~ or a Mobile phone/Tablet

Which one would you suggest and what are the reasons for/against?

Thanks for the info! Big Grin
There are two parts to this:

1. The controller board for the 3D printer. This is what does the actual controlling of all the motors and heaters that produce your print. There are lots of options out there, but some of the most popular are:

* Ramps - an Arduino Mega with a RAMPS shield. Mature and expandable.
* Sanguinololu - Mature, not very expandable.
* Melzi - Popular choice.

There are lots of others I'm sure other contributors will list.

2. The computer you use to prep your models for printing, send them to the printer and control the printer (similar to how you use your computer with a plain ol' 2D printer). This can be a laptop, desktop or even (if you have the right app) smartphone or tablet.

You can also use a Raspbery Pi in this role with something like OctoPrint. this turns your printer into a web-enabled stand-alone beast that you can control anywhere from a web browser and leave running with those long overnight prints without having to leave your power-hungry game playing mega turbo'd multi display more-graphics-cards-than-the-cooling-can-handle PC turned on all night.
Arduino mega gets my vote for a first build. You can have 2 extruders and there is a lot of info on them.

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