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DIY conversion kits for those with a CNC Mill?
I am wondering if there are any good FDM/extrusion conversion kits for those who already possess a CNC Milling Machine.

This kit would basically be the extruder and heated bed that can be mounted on an existing CNC mill. This will extend the capabilities of the positioning platform the mill provides. In my case, I have a Taig CNC Mill I picked up off of craigslist for a steal:

I've been googling myself to see if anything is out there, but it always helps to ask a community such as this one for recommendations. If there are known, good extruders or extruder plans that I can use, I'd appreciate those recommendations as well.
(01-17-2013, 02:39 PM)rudalf Wrote: This will surely help you to find the answer

Like I said, I've been googling myself, and finding at lot. Point of asking a community is to poll those who have done or used or seen such things and getting expertise from a community who has been doing this longer than I have.
... I'm using my Isel-CNC-mill sometimes as 'RepStrap' by switching the original interface card with an Arduino+RAMPS 1.2 and replacing the spindle by an extruder and fixing a heated bed on the bed.

Have an even older controller replacement made with a Gen3, but the RAMPS has more options and all modern firmwares will fit.

Actually converting a chinese laser-engraver and a rigid flatbed-plotter with RepRap-electronics and modified software ...

(03-05-2013, 09:19 AM)VDX Wrote: ... I'm using my Isel-CNC-mill sometimes as 'RepStrap' ...

I went ahead and got myself an H1.1 from SeeMeCNC (Awesome customer service. 5/5 stars!). Once I get my Taig CNC Mill out of storage, I'm going to see about either machining better rigidity into the H1.1, or attaching Steve's extruder to it for fine detail prints.
... some years ago I was trying to assemble a CNC-mill->RepStrap-conversion kit around the Gen3 electronic (after relase of the ArduinoMega changed to RAMPS), but the common CNC-mills are so different in specs and mechanics (my Isel is a gantry-style) ... and the softwares+firmwares were changing so fast, that I dropped this idea.

Essentially the 'kit' is an assembly of one of the actual boards, (eventually with stepper-drivers), an extruder (eventually a heated bed) and one of the stable softwares ... and this "board+extruder+'stable software'" will change every half year or even faster!

All other parts (endstops) and the wiring is either different or will change too.

Attached the first kit assembly around the Gen3 electronics ...


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