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Big head for big printer
I'm new here at the forum but have had a 3Dprinter for almost 10years.
I have a Stratasys that i have been using for almost 10 years, bur recently iv'e almost retired it for my makerbot replicator2x, witch i run almost 8H every day. i will expand and buy another two printers to cover my needs since we actually use the parts in product's and are treating the 3D printer as production gear. The Makerbot is less steardy than the stratasys, but then again iv'e only changed the heat elemet once in 10 years, so it might be built a bit to good and for cost/use it's way off compared to the makerbot. But that's enugh of my background for now.

I need a bigger printer and have a robotarm (3M radius)i want to use but i don't need the 0,2-0,4 layerthicness i use with my makerbot. Ideally i would want to have a range of 5 to 10mm in layer thickness.
I want it to be high quality on the extruding quality, but the layers has to be thick to be able to produce big models quick. since i plan to use it for production as well. I want to be able to use ABS for starters but PLA and Nylon is in my head as well.

Has anyone in here made such a head?
Any experience to share?

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