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Just saying hello
We bought our first 3D printer, a ROBO, and got it in October. Since then we've been learning how to use it. We replaced the print head following the advice of Barnacules Nerdgasm - Although we had a few issues with the print head clogging, the prints are much better than with the one supplied. We're looking forward to trying the wood filament next!
We (my wife and I) started NK 3D Printing in November. We're looking at one of the machine offered by 3D Systems. I'd like to know more about their new CubeJet before deciding. We were looking at the Projet 460+ but are still waiting for the bank to get back to us. Angry We believe that 3D printing will be a part of everyone's life within a few years and we want to be "in on the ground floor."
I find that the 3D community is a great group of people willing to help each other out.
Hi Sarge. Welcome to 3ders. I hope your future printing days are full of success.
Make sure you fully understand the running cost's of any printer you are looking at before you make the decision to search for one to buy, would be my main tip. I have heard some printers cost a fortune to run with out naming any names.

Glad you found Barnacules Nerdgasm's vids. He knows his stuff.
Hi there.

My name is safa, and I am a web developer from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Nice to meet all of you

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