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Combine 2 models
I can't seem to find the right software or the technique to accomplish what seems like should be a simple task.

I will simplify the problem here, my situation is slightly more complex.

Imagine you have a cylinder with a hole in the middle.

Now imagine you have a second, larger cylinder that is solid.

I want to insert the smaller cylinder into the larger, such that the large cylinder envelopes the smaller, but the hole remains. In the end I want one solid large cylinder with the hole.

What happens instead with software I try is the solid larger cylinder "fills" the hole of the smaller, rather than "wraps around" the smaller cylinder.

In my actual situation the objects are irregularly shaped and not easily manipulated like cylinders, but I think you get the idea.

Thanks for any hints!

Do you have a screen shot of what you are trying? What program are you using?
Sounds easy and i would be happy to help but i'm not 100% sure what your doing. Are both cylinders in the same direction?
Hi, thanks for the help!

Here's a pic of my 2 objects: (Image tags don't seem to work)

Basically I want to insert the one on the right into the one on the left, keeping the hole in the center of the face of the left. Ok, I really just want to add the hole, but this seemed like a logical way of getting there.

But if I combine the two, the solidness of the left object fills the hole of the right. You can see what I mean here:
Where I have inserted a copy of the right object into the left.

Ad you can see, because of the threaded nature of the hole, I can't just cut a hole into the solid.

These pics are in Sketchup, and any of its Intersect options fail to give me the desired result. Maybe Blender? but it is mostly Greek to me.

Again, thanks for any suggestions Smile

Sorry, I don't have any knowledge of what functions you have access to in blender. I use Cadkey.
In Cadkey, what i would do is this.
1- I would make a copy of the one on the right.
2- I would move one of them into the center of the one on the left, then subtract that part from the larger one.
3- I would then move the extra one you made to the center of you larger one that was on the left..
4- Then you need to make them one part. The booleen function for that is called "union". Some programs may call it "join".

If you have trouble let me know. I can do it for you if you are able to export it into any CAD format.
Ok, that's a good suggestion, I can make something like that work.

It still seems odd to me that I can't merge two objects and choose to maintain the integrity of one, including holes. But this will work, so, thanks!


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