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Hi everybody

I'm Jay. I just bought two printers from Kickstarter, the Robox and the 3DMonstr. OK, I only put down an option to hold the price until the end of August on the 3DMonstr. The Robox seems like a nice machine, but small on the Z axis. The 3DMonstr may not be quite as fast or have some of the features of the Robox, but a 2' x 2' x 2' printing envelope is nothing to sneeze at; plus it has 4 extruders.

For myself I've seen many uses for a 3d printer. My wife has broken her glasses several times and taping them together gets old quickly. I think I can make a small clip to hold them together, or just make her new frames. For myself I've always loved marble runs (or Rolling Ball Sculptures as they seem to be called now).

Basically I used to be a Sr. Programmer/Systems Analyst for Penn State when I was given a choice between my wife or my job. She'd become I'll and needed a full time caregiver. I think I shocked my bosses when I quit to become her caregiver. Smile

During the last ten years I've learned more about nursing than I had ever wanted to, but I've also leaned some 3d graphics (Modo and Blender) and some other useful things. I'm hoping very much to make a little money with my printers if I can.

Have a nice day!
A little leaning is a dangerous thing.
Welcome to 3ders. The rolling ball sculptures sound interesting. I hadn't heard of those 2 printers, till now. thx.
Hey, they really look good. Nice size on the monstr too.
How long until you get the first of them? What materials are you going to try first? You'll have to start compiling a ""to print list".

I'm waiting on some t-glasse, can't wait. I just need our weather to calm down a bit. it was 42C or 107F in the office today.
Its hard to keep the cold end cold on days like this. But we did print both PLA and ABS today.

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