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Need help asap Dimension BST 768
Well my gut feeling is yikes! I don't have a ton of experience with industrial devices like the bst 768. But what I know is most companies don't want us end users messing with the OS running on their device. I am thinking there is something on that first partition that is machine (bst 768) specific. It is cool that the bst hardware is recognized by the linux kernel. Must be PC hardware on the bst board or custom kernel modules.
Either way, I don't think loading RH8 from disk is going to help you.

option 1.
I have zero problems loading all the partitions on my bst 768 hard drive to the web for you to use. It sounds like you can successfully restore ext3 partitions. Note: I am not going to upload the swap partition.

option 2.
I could also make a g4l entire hard drive clone.

Ok I vote option 2.

I have a question...The second hard drive you used. Is it a 40 GIG like the one from the bst768? Or is it a different size drive? I will clone the drive and send you a drive? I don't think I have a 40 GIG seagate, but I might.

Also on replacing the drive back in the bst768...mind the jumpers on the drive.

I will check back later. I will get this started around 2:00 PM EST.

mine has an 80 gig Seagate but I have seen them in all different sizes. if you could clone the entire drive and put it on your serve or something that would be amazing!
my tech guy has Linux running on the machine now and it has an IP so he can actually remotely access the machine from his office if need be, I just need to open a port on my router.
I think the clone would be the best option. if you can put it online, I realllly appreciate this and all you are doing.
I'm heading into a convention right now but will be back in a few hours.
Good morning,

I have a roughly 32GB (entire hard drive) img being created as we speak ie 8:30am EST @ about 5mb/s this will take some time plus gzip compression.

In the same location as in above post there will be a file called driveimage_bst.img.gz it is a bit for bit copy of my physical hd from the bst768. You will need G4L to re-apply this hard drive img. This process will wipe out all data on the target drive. But it also creates all partitions and data from the source. A 40 GB image to an 80GB drive shouldn't be a problem. The process is only at 10% give it some time. I would say by 2:00 PM EST you should be good to start a download of the image file.

Also I have not checked if I have enough space to actually create a 32GB single file on this server but we will find out. See option 3.

option 3 I will also clone the drive here and send you a drive. I have piles of IDE hard drives. I think I have some old Dell's with 40 GIG drives.

Has Stratasys contacted you back?

33% done at 8:45am EST

it's done. 854MB compressed.
I just started to download it, its estimating 15 minutes. I will advise when its done. thanks so much!
ya really saved my but if this works!
(01-14-2014, 06:29 PM)aust_txv Wrote:
(01-12-2014, 04:33 AM)CheckerJim Wrote: does anyone here have the same machine?

Good morning,
I have a Dimension bst 768. I was on google searching for parts when I saw your post. This might be your lucky day.

My situation. My head is garbage. They broke the support material input feed tube. ( the silver one that goes into the head itself ) Hence a search for parts. So yeah I would been willing to help. I think this one is garbage now. Man these things go for a mint used... I agree with you, a quality device.

A few questions...I could clone the drive/partition for no problem. But how do we know there is not some sort of device to stop us from doing this? Like your partition is matched to your hard drive serial number? You know something that makes sense to us, but manufacturers make proprietary.

What about firmware and crap? I really don't know the guts of this thing.
Oh good luck on Stratasys contacting you.



There shouldn't be a problem with cloning a hard drive for your machine and swaping out your drives. I've done it a few times myself on both the bst768s and the 1200s. Just be sure to mind the jumpers on the hard drive. And of course you want to make sure the specs for your new blank hard drive, match that of the original.

-Note: I use Ubuntu to do this. I was also cloning from one printer hard drive to another

1) Plug the blank hard drive to the master plug of your computer.

2) Unplug the computer’s hard drive and plug in the printer hard drive you want to clone instead. Do NOT plug the functioning printer hard drive into the slave plug.

3) Make sure the Ubuntu OS disk is in the computers disk drive.

4) Turn the computer on and make sure the Ubuntu OS loads from the disk drive.

5) Open the application called “Terminal”.
From the drop down menus on the top right of the screen:
Applications  Accessories  Terminal

6) Make sure both hard drives are being read by terminal by typing:
sudo fdisk -l (last character is a lower case L)
Hit Enter. There should be an sda and an sdb.

7) Type:
sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb
Hit Enter.

8) Hard drives will copy for about an hour.

9) Disconnect both printer hard drives and reconnect the computers hard drive.

10) Before connecting your new hard drive to a printer, make sure you put jumpers on it properly. Refer to the hard drive you copied from if you aren't sure.
you are the best!
that .img worked like a charm. I put it on my 80 gig Seagate and am printing as I type right now!
your help has been invaluable. if your ever in Vegas I owe you big time!
thanks again!
PS might want to take that off your server now, Just in case!
Glad to hear it. That had to be exciting when the bst768 booted up properly.
Chalk one up to linux and google. It was your lucky day Smile
Take care.
absolutely !!
thanks again, I have been running it for over 24 hours now with no issues, you rock man! time to get caught up!!
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