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Additive Manufacturing Start-up Ideas
This would be a great place to generate ideas for new ways to use 2D and 3D modeling equipment for potential new start up businesses. Yes, you may give away your first idea and it could be nurtured by someone else but you could also team up with others or learn form others how to make a new use for your printers.
Communicating ideas, sharing, finding new information is critical for expanding a technology. This forum is a place to do this.
Let's get started:
Cheap 3D can be made from paper or cardboard layered to form anything and then sealed or painted to look like steel!
Electrically conductive inks are gaining interest and can be applied to substrates to eliminate conventional wires.
Matrix printing of reactive resins or epoxies could be used for new composite materials.
People with equipment that you don't have can rent time and make parts for others. There could be a Forum group for "Sharing'. We can't afford to have all the 3D machines so why not share them. 3D Booths are opening in cities. How about mobile 3D shops.
We need to think "Green" and find ways to not fill the world with synthetic models that may last for generations in landfills.
Ice models that can be cast and melted to form molds for edible materials. (Parting seams could be hard to produce)
I assume you are working on a startup which manufactures additive 3 D printers . I wish to do the same . Since you have been doing this can u advise me on things that are vital to be able to create a sustainable company of 3 D printers.

I am even looking for associations with people for this project . Let me know if you are interested in it .
I am curious to get some feedback on the concept of creating an online warehouse of 3d cad files similar to like Istockphoto sites do with photographs. I realize that there are places already doing this for free. We would want to charge but make it the most visible go to site out there. What obstacles do you think a startup would face creating this concept? Also, what are the other companies that already do something similar doing that needs improvement and is there anything lacking that you you wish a site like this would offer?

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