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3Dprint your own earphones (Eartaps)
Thanks for your prompt reply.

Wow~~that means i can actually handmade my personal "Eartaps"!!!
Love itHeartHeart
When will it be delivered if I became a backer?

(12-31-2013, 11:00 AM)WBD101 Wrote:
(12-31-2013, 04:22 AM)chcchris825 Wrote: You are SO GENEROUS to release the mechnical info~~
Wonder what it will look like after printing it out!!

Hi Chris, in order to 3D print the eartaps, we will provide the following besides the STL/STP file:
1) eargels of 3 sizes,
2) two elastomer rings (one of left ear and one for right ear),
3) two sound tunnels ( the part that actually goes into your ear canals) with the audio driver glued on it,
4) two supporting structures that made of home polymer with the metal shaft, and some small metal part to keep the shafts in position,
5) the flat cables with microphone, and
6) instructions for doing that.

You can take a look at the exploded drawing on our Kickstarter page to have better understanding!

Thanks and Enjoy!

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