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3D Printing Open Survey
Hi everyone! I am a huge 3d printing enthusiast from Poland (Europe).
I run - news aggregator/blog concerning 3d printing, fablabs, open-source hardware and related.

If you have some spare time please fill in my 3D Printing Open Survey - If you could make almost anything, what would it be ?
Updated results are publicly available after completing questionnaire
(Please press "Wyƛlij" - Send button and "Wyniki ankiety" - Results button at the end).

This survey will be used to evaluate demand for 3d printing services globally. It consist of 30 questions about:
- open-source 3d printers
- future of additive manufacturing
- 3d printing services
- ecology in 3d printing
- copyright issues and 3d printing

Three example questions:

2. Which of the following 3d printing applications is the most interesting? *
- Things personalization
- Printing food
- Attempts to print structures resembles in functioning living tissues or blood vessels
- Creating impossible or difficult to create by using conventional technology things
- Printing rooms or buildings on earth/moon
- Printing chemical compounds (for example drugs)
- Using in renewable energy sources
- Printing parts and/or mechanical vehicles

3 . Have you ever heard about cheap DIY 3D Printers (for example RepRap, PrintrBot, MakiBox A6) ? *
DIY - Do It Yourself
- Yes
- No

4 . When 3D Printers will become one of the typical household appliances ? *
- After 5 years
- After 10 years
- After 15 years
- After 20 years or later
- Never
- I don't know

Feel free to ask questions!

(11-26-2012, 10:01 AM)rudalf Wrote: Ok will try to fill the survey soon.

Big thanks !

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