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Solidoodle v. QU-BD v. Printrbot
I am looking for my first printer and I want something at the very bottom of the price spectrum. (under $500) The main options I see are QU-BD Twoup, Printrbot simple, or possibly the solidoodle 2nd gen base. I am leaning towards the QU-BD because of the print area and price as well as the other specs, but have seen some bad reviews about their customer service. If anyone has some comments about any of these brands/Printers, Please reply!Huh
I have seen the solidoodle in real life and it looks like a solid well built machine that is not made by some one who's hobby is making some printers. The QU BD have had some bad press even on this site. Thats not to say they are no good.
As for the Printrbot simple, It looks like a bargain.

I think the solidoodle is in a different class to the other 2. Far better in every way IMO.

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