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More MakerSlide for Australia, New Zealand and the world

I'm running and Indiegogo campaign that aims to make the MakerSlide linear bearing system readily available on eBay in Australia and nearby countries. MakerSlide is used in the popular DIY ORD Bot Hadron 3D Printer.

There are perks including lengths of MakerSlide and carriages, as well as a limited number of ORD Bot Hadron mechanical platform (without motors) going for AU$250, or AU$340 with stepper motors. A saving of AU$210 on the normal retail price of around AU$550.

Help us out and score a bargain at the same time!
All the best mate. Its a nice looking linear system. Much better than the 8mm round rod so many people use.
Thanks mate. I was reading about your 1m x 1m build area printer last night. Sounds amazing.
Thanks mate. it is pretty cool. :-)

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