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SLA desktop 3D Printer in the 2014
Hi guys.

I'm a 3D designer from Brazil. I have some months studing 3d printer to buy. Initially, my choice is Formlabs, Form 1. I belive that smooth surface printed by Form 1 is a main feature to my purpose. Produce some statues of my 3d models with 15cm tall and make a mold (silicone) of them to resin casting and maybe sell them. (please, let me to know if I'm wrong)

My questions are:

Why have so little amount of SLA 3d printer low cost factories if compared with FDM Factories? I've checked (Form 1, FSL3D, B9 and Miicraft). Is there another? It's because the patent problem with 3DSystem?

What's your expectation for SLA market in 2014 guys? Will be there many, less or none additional factories running in 2014?

Should I wait more to buy my SLA 3d Printer with new products and lower cost?

Thanks all
Valter Silveira

P.S.: Excuse my grammar.
The community college I work at is looking to get a 3D Printer for an upgraded student engineering lab. As I'm reading about the subject, I'm stunned to discover just how many models are on the market already, and figuring out what would be a good investment in a device (both for educating students about the technology and making quality objects as part of their projects) is a bit daunting.

I'd like to answer your question, but I don't understand what you mean by this:

>>Why have so little amount of SLA 3d printer low cost factories if compared with FDM Factories?

what do you mean by "low cost factories" ??

There are more SLA type 3D Printers coming to the market, because some important 3D Systems Patents (as you suggested yourself) have become public domain. One of them is the Tilting Resin Tank that both the Form1 and the FSL3D use. Also components such as galvos and laserdiodes have become a lot cheaper of the last few years.

By the way: the Form1 and the FSL3D are using a laser diode for curing Resin,
whereas the B9Creator and the Miicraft use both DLP projectors (The B9 uses a standard DLP Projector, whereas the Miicraft uses a tiny LED DLP Projector, thus only has a very small build size)

I am sure that there will be more SLA based printers coming to the market in 2014
Not quite 3D Printing but somewhat similar:
3D created from Scratch:

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