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Printing INCO 718
Hey there guys. So glad there is finally a forum for rapid prototypers. I operate an EOS M280 (DMLS) at my work, anyone here personally dealing with INCO 718? Just want to get an idea of how everyone else is removing support structures and the tools you're using.

So far I've been knocking out supports by hammer/chisel, deburring air tools, and grinding stones. All seem to be somewhat effective, but I have been noticing conventional tools wearing out quickly.

I'm part of R&D at an aerospace company and constantly building complex parts. Any info would help.

Thanks guys & gals!
(11-20-2012, 08:25 AM)rudalf Wrote: Well I never use it but you will get the answer here soon.

yea i sure hope so. i know of a process called micro machining process (MMP) that microtek uses. but they are really expensive.
How did you go?

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