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OpenBuilds is OPEN
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[Image: logo.png]

Hello fellow 3ders. We want to share with you our latest project release that we hope will help push 3D printing to the next level and beyond. We believe that most new ideas in this industry come from the creative minds of DIYers and gives a place to showcase these ideas and projects. is a community driven machine/project sharing site that allows people who like to build things an opportunity to get together and share ideas and builds with everyone in a fun and friendly environment. We think of OpenBuilds as a kind of virtual hackerspace dedicated to open source hardware and design.

What sets OpenBuilds apart is that unlike most sharing sites we see popping up today who share 3D models and/or trinkets, OpenBuilds is the place to share the machine designs that create the things we like to make.

The site receives support through donations and its open source hardware store. The OpenBuilds Part Store provides affordable open source hardware to the community while giving back through the Fairshare Give Back Program.

The site is brand new (launched less than a week ago) and there are many features to come but it has already begun to grow into an awesome resource for the open source community. So far everyone is loving it and the creative juices are flowing!

After 2 years and a lot of help from volunteers who believe in the idea of free works, we are happy to announce that OpenBuilds is OPEN!

Please take a look and let us know what you thinkSmile

Thank you
OpenBuilds Team
[b]Dream It - Build it - Share it[/b]
Great site!!! Thanks for posting!

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