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Will 3D Printing Change Everything?
AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel explains in 3 minutes what 3D printing is and what the impact will be for the industrial and consumer world.

I think 3d printing will definitely change the world, it already has. However thinking it will spawn an industrial revolution where people no longer rely on the normal manufacturing cycle because they can print whatever they need or want at home on their 3d printer is a little extreme, for now and the near future anyway, at some point it may get there but that is a long time and a lot of technical advancements away.

What I see in the near future is numerous individuals making small production lines, then bringing them to the market themselves taking a little bit of the cash flow away from the bigger companies. Again we will see more products made at home by individuals coming into the scene as we now have a means to make it happen with 3d printers. I believe we will see a lot more "Self Made" millionaires as a result, in one way or another, of the consumer level 3d printer movement sweeping the world right now. I very much wish to be one of those individuals and am taking advantage of this technology I love so much while still in its infancy as far as consumer level 3d printers are concerned!

Get in now with a well designed and engineered printer and you could most definitely become the next "Microsoft" or "Apple" of 3d printing! Hell if Bill Gates and them could start one of the biggest companies in computers out of their garage why can't I do the same thing with 3d printers out of my office / workshop in my apartment?!! That's my goal, that's why I spend all night designing and building my own 3d printer and then work during the day with little sleep in between because I see the possibility right there in front of me and ill be damned if I'm going to let it go!!!!

~~ Happy Printing!!!!
I hear you mate. I get up real early in the morning to start printing and designing. Print all night, print all day. I love it.
Big Grin

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