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Basic Printing with PLA Filament
I am in need of assistance on the very basics of 3D printing. I have tried to print using both Makerware and Replicator G software. Am printing using PLA filament on Kapton tape covered bed (bed heated to 110 Deg Celsius). After aligning bed, halfway through the print the extruder nozzle catches the printed object and starts dragging it around the bed. PLA filament temp is 230 Deg Celsius. Could anyone please tell me what I am doing wrong?
1. bed heated to 70-90 C
2. PLA filament temp is 180-190 C
Try printing it with a 50° C heated bed, and around 185°C to 210°C PLA temperature. Read this if you need more information about PLA printing procedure:
You might be extruding to much filament. measure your filament and adjust your settings. hope that does it.

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