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How DRM will infest the 3D printing revolution
printing weapons and arms Angel that's what they want the public to believe!!! it's just the same money machine that want to get it in the hand before it runs away and become hard to stop. they did that with the music!! BUT I think it will be really hard for them to put this patent in action, let's say I saw a really cool design and I want to make it, I can download the stl or CAD file and print it or download it and change it before the print or that's where is getting tricky!! I will design another one just like it BUT different. Well who's gonna verify if it's my design and how Huh From there I think patent or not, nothing will change!! we will keep making things and making things that makes other things, did you know how many Fablabs and hacker spaces exist right now Cool ? and look just to the Reprap project. NO WAY!!! Let them try.
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