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Home-Made Browning: 3D printers stoke fears of backyard technology explosion
Experts now say that anyone who has a couple of thousand dollars for a 3D printer and an internet connection can make a 3D gun, which will be invisible to X-ray machines and metal detectors. In the U.S., critics of the technology are warning it has reached a dangerous point, with federal law banning undetectable firearms set to expire in less than two weeks. RT's Marina Portnaya found out what it takes to print a gun.

Unfortunately it is true. People can make guns with printers. They can make much better guns with CNC machining centers or other freely available equipment.
If I wanted to make a gun I would not print it. You could make a plastic gun that would fire bullets but as we saw in the media last week, you can also make one from things purchased in an airport. I think the main problem is the availability of information to achieve such things.

3D printers will do so much more good for us than bad.
It's also good that goverments know that problem and starting to do something with it. Like UK Home Office who has updated "firearms rules" last Thursday. 3D printing could be very dangerous (like nuclear weapon) but we have to focus on good things (like using radiation and radioactivity in medicine). Everything from new technology has two sides of the coin - but I think that we should "always look on the bright side of life" Smile - 3D printing community!
I agree printerion, We should always look on the brighter side of things.

There will always be ways people can be bad but the good people will always out number the bad.

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