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i3 Berlin 3D-printer
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i3 Berlin 3D-printer
[Image: i3-berlin-3d-printer-1.png]

Features of the i3 Berlin 3D-printer
•0.4mm E3D full metal hotend, capable of printing ´exotic´ materials like PC, Nylon, and PEEK.
•Graphic LCD Display Controller with SD card reader for stand alone operation.
•Heated print platform for printing ABS and bigger PLA parts.
•Magnetic end-stops for secure and adjustable homing.
•Ready for dual extrusion (optional).
•Low weight and compact extruder.
•Silent operation.
•Online support after the workshop.

"We took the i3 design of Josef Prusa. Our i3 Berlin has further improved the ease of assembly. We made the looks more consistent and clean. We also added some extra functionality like easy folding mechanism, display and electronics casing. What you cannot see from the pictures is the effort we put in debugging the mechanical parts. We have tested the parts over and over again, so we are really sure that everything fits seamlessly.

"Like every printer, this model has some disadvantages that you should keep in mind while using it. The Y unit is sensitive for torque, causing non-parallel motion of the bed. Additionally there´s the 2 Z-motors. If one of the motors jams, then the x-bridge is out of calibration. Regular checks on these issues will ensure happy printing."

The design is published under a Free License on github. If you buy all the parts specified in the BOM you’ll end up spending approximately €750.-.

open3dengineering is offering workshop every month for i3_Berlin which you can purchase the printer for:
Single Extruder € 960,- (incl. 19% VAT/MwSt)
Dual Extruder € 1.110,- (incl. 19% VAT/MwSt)
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12-01-2013 02:47 PM
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IzzieZhang Offline

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RE: i3 Berlin 3D-printer
Hi, iam interest in it, could u talk more details?
12-05-2013 03:55 AM
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RE: i3 Berlin 3D-printer
There is no way it would print PEEK. No way at all. It must be a mistake.
12-05-2013 07:54 AM
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safa100 Offline

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RE: i3 Berlin 3D-printer
i am so thankful and want to see more lovely creations from your side!!!
keep sharing keep creating
02-03-2014 02:16 PM
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