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New to 3D Printing. Need Help
Hi everyone, I am a college student and I just started to build my own printer. I use an Arudino Mega and a RAMPS 1.4 Shield to build a Prusa model.
I have a few simple questions here. I'm sorry if it sounds too silly. Correct me too, if this isn't the best place to post these questions.

1. What is the role of the Arduino actually? Is it just a "middle-person" interface between the computer and the printer? I programmed an UNO before, and I actually have to upload code into it. According to the DIY manual, that process isn't required. Am I doing it right?

2. A 12V power is required for the main power supply, and I plan to use a laptop 12V supply. Anyone here did a similar thing? How do I connect them? Do I need a load to or a capacitor?
The Arduino is the processor that takes the g code and sends info the the outputs on the ramps.
Work out how much power you need and at what voltages and just buy a cheap duel power supply to do the lot or run the mega via USB, that way you only need a ps for steppers and heaters.
I wouldn't use a laptop ps unless it ticks all the boxes and is cheaper and better. And thats not going to happen me thinks.

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